Football has always occupied (and still occupies) a special chapter in my life. It was (and still is) a lifestyle, a passion, an activity, a challenge and, in general, a complex process through which I had formed as a personality and through which I have discovered and developed certain abilities.

All these things have always given me enough inspiration to work towards an enormous goal – to offer, one day, equal chances and conditions for all the children within the country to practice football at the highest level here, in Moldova.

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of experience in this field and today, together with my partners, we feel prepared and motivated to pass on these practices and knowledge to the younger generation.

This was the reason for creating a space, a concept, where every child can learn and practice football and where his parents don’t have to focus only on one branch in the child’s development. Thus, this was the moment when the concept of the Football Academy Radu Rebeja was born!

This Academy responds to the need to improve the conditions of education and training, where physical training is a part of the curriculum. It aims to discover as many young talents as possible, to offer them different and unique practices, combining player development on and off the field, educating them through experiences that will be useful to them in their growing process, offering them skills that can be used throughout their lives.

We start from the idea that each child is a unique project that needs accurate individual investment, theory and practice tailored to reality, but also support and motivation to gain access to the big world of sport and ultimately achieve the most beautiful results. And the Football Academy Radu Rebeja assumes responsibility to guide each child in this direction, giving him all the knowledge and conditions necessary for harmonious development both on the football field and in everyday life!

Radu Rebeja, 

The Football Academy Radu Rebeja is committed to engaging in the development and education of children and youth.

The Football Academy Radu Rebeja was set up in 2019 by a former footballer – Radu Rebeja – with the purpose to develop a world class technical program accessible to everyone. The Academy gives young footballers equal chances to enter the prestigious world of this sport, benefiting from the know-how of the top coaches. It also offers a unique customized methodology tailored to the profile of each child (depending on age, level of training, etc.).

The Football Academy Radu Rebeja is the best football program for children and youth, which prepares the stars of tomorrow.

  • We believe in the educational, moral and social values of sport.

  • We know that sport can have a positive influence on children's lives.

  • We are confident that sport can help build a better and more friendly society.

Values and philosophy

The Football Academy Radu Rebeja is committed to developing and educating children and youth as part of its general philosophy.
We believe and are confident that sport can and must be a positive factor in the child’s personal and social development. Here, also, we are confident that football taught based on correct values contributes to the child’s harmonious development.

Our philosophy is based on three main objectives:

  • Provides to all participants the development know-how of the young player;

  • Promotes noble sports values;

  • Discovers and develops new potential talents.

At the Football Academy Radu Rebeja, every child and young person will perceive the football game:

  • as a complex system of interaction between the different external and internal factors that interpenetrate and which contribute substantially to the development of players’ abilities;

  • as a whole process where the game and reality intersect and where each player is responsible for his actions, but also for collective actions within the team.

The members of the Football Academy Radu Rebeja are distinguished by:

  • The correct understanding of the game and the high level of training within it. As a result, their actions are efficient and rational, and children / young people develop skills of expressing their own style in the context of the game and display their strong qualities throughout the game;

  • Self-confidence and subsequent results, built from the very first training and adapted to the context of the game;

  • 100% dedication in training, but also within each game;

  • Responsibility, discipline and modesty - values that are developed within the Academy and are respected by the players and in everyday life.

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